The Spring of 1978 Continued

The process to create an independent recreation organization, and to transfer the school’s arena to that organization, continued at meetings held on June 28, 1978 in the Bovey City Hall clubroom.

The written attendance was not complete and does not line-up with the entities that voted on the final resolution, but this is the list:

1)  Bovey:  Bob VEKICH,  Becky MUOTKA, Ann MAGESTAD,

2)  Coleraine: John HUGHES, Bob GERMANDER,

3)  Cloverdale: Charlene SPEET, Jeanette STISH

4)  Greenway Township: Mildred MISHOVICH, Richard VAIL,

5)   LaPrairie: Bill CROMELL, Pat CROMELL


7)  Taconite: Curt JOHNSON, Beefy LAWSON, Mike CHAMBERLAIN, Steve HOEY,

8)  Trout Lake: John NORGARD

The minutes also document Lyle Hachey, Windy Anderson, Mason, and Joe Amato.  The final resolution of the first session was voted by representatives of Bovey, Coleraine, Greenway, LaPrairie, Lawrence Lake, Marble, and Nashwauk.  Apparently, representatives for Lawrence Township and Nashwauk Township had attended.  And apparently, representatives for Cloverdale, Taconite, and Trout Lake did not vote.  Absent from the business was Calumet, Grand Rapids Township, and Iron Range Township.

There were two sessions.  First was a meeting of  School District 316 Joint Recreation Board; then a meeting of the “new” Greenway Rec Board was called to order.  Here are the minutes:

The minutes of the previous meeting were read; motion by Harley [Jensen], seconded by Bill Cromwell to approve them as read; motion carried.

Harley Jensen reported on the Keewatin softball team─Pengilly doesn’t want Keewatin playing on their field. It was decided to let Keewatin play on their home field. A protest was brought up concerning an Iron Range game which has been played on Keewatin’s field─the field was in very poor playing condition and the protestor felt the game should have been replayed. Moved by Harley Jensen and seconded by Mildred Miskovich to disallow the protest. Curt Johnson is to look over the field and report at the next meeting.

Discussion was held on a joint powers agreement to see if all of the communities were going to participate in the rec program. Of concern to the Greenway Township is the procedure for hiring coaches and whether or not the facilities in the local communities are to be used. Nonuse of these facilities would result in the kids not playing in their own neighborhood. Discussion was also held on the funding of the salaries of the coaches.

Concern was voiced as to whether or not Grand Rapids is going to go in on the new rec formation, and how to apply pressure to encourage them to enter. Trout Lake also questioned what their share would be on a per capita basis.

The deplorable conduct of the Taconite team was brought up. Obscene gestures, swearing, etc., were used in their game against Lawrence Township. Discussion was held to come up with a remedy for these problems. The question of whether or not the rec department should hire umpires for the baseball and softball games was discussed.

Discussion was held on how the new rec board would be formed. The legality of the school selling the arena to the new rec board for one dollar was brought up. The question of the new rec board applying for tax-exempt status was also brought up for consideration.

The question of how to go about the new program if all the entities didn’t come in was brought up. Windy Anderson encouraged everyone to be realistic about this new program when looking into it and possibly of looking to the legislature for help in funding in the future.

Lyle Hachey  he stated that the rec board director salary was too high for starting pay and should be looked at into again.

Harley Jensen moved on a resolution to transfer assets, liabilities and responsibilities to the new Greenway Rec. Association; Joel Amato seconded.  Voting ─Bovey, Coleraine, Marble, Greenway, Nashwauk,  Lawrence Lake, LaPrairie. Motion carried.


The meeting of the new Greenway rec board was called to order.

Present:  Coleraine, Bovey, Lawrence, Taconite, Greenway, Marble, Trout Lake, LaPrairie.

Absent:  Nashwauk, Calumet, Iron Range, Grand Rapids.

Bob Vekich was nominated president of the new Greenway rec board; seconded by Chamberlain. Nomination was declined. Discussion was held on whether or not we should elect officers at this meeting, and whether or not an officer had to be an elected member of a municipality. A motion was made by Mason to have a meeting on July 12th  at 7:00 pm on the new entity. Seconded by Harley [Jensen];  motion carried. Old officers are to keep their positions.

Joe Amato moved that something should be put in the local newspapers enlightening the public on the formation of the new rec association. Seconded by Mrs. Cromwell. Mrs. Cromwell is to write up a newsletter for the Grand Rapids Herald review and the Bovey Scenic Range News.

Harley Jensen moved to adjourn; seconded by Joe Amato.  Motion carried.


The next article will be July’s minutes from back in 1978 when GJRA was just developing.