The Spring of 1978

In the spring of 1978, the recreation board of the Greenway school district began the process to create an independent recreation organization and to transfer the school’s arena to that organization.   At that time in Minnesota, Rudy Perpich was governor, Irv Anderson was the area’s Representative, and Bob Lessard, Minnesota Senator.

A meeting of School District 316 Joint Recreation Board was held in the Bovey Middle School on Wednesday, May 24, 1978, at 7:00 pm.

This is the attendance list:

John HUGHES, Jean KARISH, Jim MASON, Ken SMITH, Jim ANDREWS, and Duane ORHN from Coleraine.

Bob VEKICH, Loren SOLBERG, Don ZUEHLKE, and Paul HECIMOVICH from Bovey.

Ronald TROUMBLY from Taconite.

Francis BENNETT from Iron Range Township.

Ed JOKINEN, John NORGARD, and Sanford NIX from Trout Lake Township.

Joe AMATO and George DIMICH from Lawrence Lake Township.

Mable JONES, Ralph GUENTZEL, John AIMONETTI, Lyle HACHEY, and Windy ANDERSON from Marble.

Jeannette STISH, Dawn SPEET, Ruth SEHNJOHA, and Tom LORENZ from Cloverdale Township.

Bill Cromell, and Pat Cromell from LaPrairie.

How many of those in attendance are still living?  And was “Windy” ANDERSON a typo or an unfortunate nickname?  Please add comments and/or spelling corrections in comments, or email

First, the Board squabbled about a recent officer election but the concerns were deemed irrelevant if a new organization was being formed.  Then, Mr. HUGHES, chairman of the fact-finding committee on the formation of the new Recreation Board, and assisted by Harley JENSEN [oops: not on the attendance list] gave a presentation.  They estimated a budget and recommended the organization be run by a  “5-man non-political board” with a recreation director accountable to them.

The minutes do not note any comments by the women in attendance about a “5-man” board, but there was discussion on the legality of a “non-political” board.  The term appears to denote a citizens board versus a board of elected city and town officials.

Next, the group discussed funding.  This motion, made by AMATO and seconded by Mrs. CROMELL, was passed: “Each representative go back to their town board and ask that $2.00 per capita be passed for funding for July 1st through December 31st”  The population in the district is approximately 8300,[]  so if it was approximately the same back in 1978, that would have amounted to $16,600.

Loren SOLBERG—who was the mayor of Bovey at the time—“brought up the point that the board could get three employees from CETA if they would guarantee hiring a CETA employee permanently after two years.  The Comprehensive Employment and Training Assistance program (CETA) operated from 1973 to 1982 as a federal program designed to assist economically disadvantaged, unemployed or underemployed persons.

Moving on, the group reviewed applications for coordinators of the baseball and softball programs.  There were four: Dawn SPEET, Ann MAGESTAD, Becky MUOTKA, and Marie ELIOFF.  MAGESTAD was hired for baseball (boys) and MUOTKA for softball (girls).  The board also passed that Warba be allowed in the league.

A controversy was dealt with prior to adjournment. Quote: “because of problems in the past, board members specified that Keewatin be allowed to enter the program if they played all their games in the #316 district; Nashwauk was be to allowed in with no restrictions”.  The motion passed with some opposition.

The next meeting to be continued…..


memorial-logoThe Hodgins-Berardo Arena, ballfields at the Greenway Sports Complex, many sports events, and scholarships, have been named in honor of past athletes or alumnus of Greenway Joint Recreation Association.

Memorials are outside on the grounds at both the arena and the sports complex.  Inside of the arena are showcases of plaques, awards, and trophies from the past fifty years.  But who were those people?  Who played on those teams and what were the circumstances?  And what projects did the donors recognition plaques contribute to ?  Just what is the history of Greenway Rec?

Each month, a history behind a name or event of Greenway Joint Recreation Association will be compiled by the webmaster based on newspaper research.  The community is invited to add personal  comments, memories, and photos.