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July 19th at 7 pm



We are Greenway Joint Recreation Association:
eleven government entities within the Greenway School District (ISD 316) working together to provide quality youth sports and sports facilities. GJRA has levying authority to fund both goals. 


The government entities are Bovey, Calumet, Coleraine, Grand Rapids, Greenway, LaPrairie, Lawrence, Marble, Nashwauk (twp), Taconite, and Trout Lake. 


The association board meets every third Monday, 7 pm, at Hodgins-Berardo Arena.
We are the “Home of the Raiders” and rent the arena to ISD #316 for high school sports programs.
We offer youth sports: summer ball programs, basketball, football, hockey, and ice figure skating.
We advise and support organizations committed to youth sports, such as ~
Emerald Ice Figure Skating Club
Grand Rapids-Greenway FIRST Robotics
Greenway Amateur Hockey Association
Greenway Fastpitch Boosters
Itasca Ski and Outing Club
Itasca Synchronized Swimming Club
We own and manage Greenway Sports Complex in Bovey; it includes the CW3 Phil Windorski Field, and the Jen Guyer Field.
We own and manage Hodgins-Berardo Arena. 
We provide a fitness center at the arena for public usage by those ages 14 and up.
We employ a full-time director and an assistant, and have an office at the arena open weekdays from 8 am to 4:30 pm.
We prioritize what is best for the kids.





GJRA Board Members

2020-2021 Officers


President:  George Delich ~ Coleraine

Vice President:  Casey Venema  ~ Lawrence Twp.

Secretary:  Barb Gibeau ~ LaPrairie

Contact the secretary:


Treasurer: Dwight Kessler ~ Trout Lake Twp.

Other Board Members


Bob Lawson ~ Bovey

Dan Strand ~ Calumet

Tasha Connelly ~ Grand Rapids

Todd Akkanen ~ Greenway Twp.

Dan Andrews ~ Marble

Brian Ekholm ~ Nashwauk Twp.

William Guyer ~ Taconite




Director ~ Pat Guyer

Assistant ~ Rock Troumbly



GJRA Business

JUNE 21, 2021


  • Hockey and Figure Skating Summer Camps set for June 7 - 25 were successful.  145 hockey skaters participated with the majority being Greenway residents.
  • Summer ball programs have the following number of  teams: T-Ball / 7, Squirts / 3,  Little Raiders / 4, Junior Raiders / 1, and Fastpitch has 1 team each of 16-18 U, 14 U, 12 U, and 2 teams of 10 U. Note that the higher number in fastpitch 10 U reduced the number of squirt teams.  The final Litte Raiders tournament will be July 22-25 and the final Squirts tournament will be July 26-28.


  • Ice removed in arena after the end of summer camps, and miscellaneous repair/painting projects to begin.


  • An increase of $5,000 to the annual contribution to Mount Itasca was approved to support an upgrade to the ski jump landing.
  • The Budget Committee is scheduled to meeting August 12.


MAY 17, 2021


  • Hockey and Figure Skating Summer Camps set for June 7 - 25; brochures for registration have been distributed.
  • Registration for summer ball programs was conducted with these results:

                T-Ball / 44 players

                 Squirts / 34 players

                 Little Raiders / 44 players for 4 teams

                 Junior Raiders / 17 players; need more for 2 teams

                 Fastpitch 16-18 / 8 players, 14 U / 8 players, 12 U / 14 players, and 10 / 18 players.

  • Flag Football had been postponed to spring but it overlapped with other sixth grade spring school sports; will resume next fall.


  • Agri-lime was spread on the three fields at the Sports Complex; still needs to be done on the field by the arena.
  • The floor in the arena's lobby has been torn out; installation of new flooring coming soon.


Assigned a Nomination Committee (elections in August) and a Budget Committee (fiscal year ends 7/31).


APRIL 19, 2021  The meeting was routine review, and approval, with adjournment at 7:26 pm. Everything on track.

MARCH 15, 2021


  • Basketball season was 6 weeks; had 36 players; skills prgressed; there were not any tournament games.
  • Hockey season wrapped up with the Pewpee As moving up to the regional tournament.
  • Hockey Summer Camp will be June 7 - 25 with details in process of being finalized.
  • The Annual Emerald Ice Figure Skating Show, March 20-21, will be limited to 250 spectators; 2 guests per skater.
  • Flag Football will resume in the middle of April (postponed from Fall). Memorial funds of Rian Tellor were designated to this program.
  • Summer ball program dates will be decided by the end of April.


  • Agri-lime is being applied to all three fields at the sports complex.
  • New resilient flooring for the arena's lobby will be installed this spring.


FEBRUARY 15, 2021


  • Emerald Ice Figure Skaters hosted a USFSA Test Session on Monday, February 15th.
  • Basketball Coach Sara Schafhauser-Wright  reported the players are improving their skills.
  • GAHA will be hosting the Bantam A Tournaments March 13-14.
  • Kerby Gemander is the new head coach for the fastpitch program.

Sports Comples:

  • Arrangements are being made for the application of  agri-lime prior to road restrictions.
  • Installation of a flagpole is being sought.


  • GJRA's domain,, has been transferred to a new host, and a new website is under construction.

JANUARY 18, 2021


  • Enrollments are comparable to the previous year.
  • Emerald Ice Figure Skating annual show is set for March 27-28.
  • Basketball practices will be on Saturdays for grades 2 -5 under the direction of Coach Sara Schafhauser-Wright 


  • Electricity usage at the arena, and the bill, was 1/3 the normal amount; kudos.
  • LiveBarn options for cameras at the arena are being explored: "LiveBarn provides Live and On Demand streaming of youth and amateur sporting events from over a thousand locations. LiveBarn subscribers pay a monthly fee to watch unlimited video from all of our installed facilities. Friends, family, coaches and athletes can access video Live or On Demand for up to 30 days. Subscribers can download and share unlimited highlights, allowing great moments to be saved forever!"  There will not be a cost for GJRA.
  • Memorial funds received on behalf of Rian Tellor have amounted to pay for a project yet to be determined.  See Rian's obituary HERE.
  • Next season there will be a need to replace the association's truck; they will be looking for a 3/4 T vehicle with a plow.

DECEMBER 21, 2020


  • Ice programs will resume on January 4; back to play protocols will be consistently the same for both hockey and figure skating.
  • The season for the ice programs was extended to March 31, 2021.
  • All hockey tournaments had been cancelled.
  • No word from the public schools on access to gyms for basketball had been received.


  • Township of Nashwauk designated Brian Ekholm as GJRA representative.
  • Glorvigen, Tierney, Lind & Co, PLL conducted the annual financial review and praised GJRA for being in the black considering the COVID19 circumstances.
  • Passed resolution against parole for Audie Fox. Fox was sentenced to life in prison and denied parole in January of 2016 for the murder of tasca County Deputy Sheriff Robert "Beefy" Lawson. His case is scheduled for review on January 12, 2021. 
  • Here is the letter form to deny parole:
  • Here is background info on Beefy Lawson:


  • In process is an arrangement to receive materials and labor to re-floor the arena lobby this spring. In exchange, the donor(s)' name will be displayed on a dasherboard.
  • See our dasherboard sponsors HERE.

NOVEMBER 23, 2020    Special Board Meeting

  • The Board decided that it was not cost effective at this time to remove the ice during the 30-day COVID 19 closure.
  • The compressor was reduced to 25% capacity and subsequently energy usage was reduced by 25%. 


NOVEMBER 16, 2020    Lack of quorum to conduct business.

OCTOBER 19, 2020


  • Hockey coaches have been hired; 123 players are enrolled.
  • 84 Ice figure skaters are enrolled.
  • Basketball's timeline will depend on ISD 316's COVID 19 approval for usage of the schools' gyms.


  • Preparation for annual financial review by Glorvigen, Tierney, Lind & Co, PLLP is underway.
  • Acceptance of a representative for Nashwauk township is underway.
  • Enthused about the film production, The Way of the Warrior; it aims to be "an inspirational sports and family drama that is centered around high school hockey on the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota."

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020


  • A policy on Return to Play Protocol was reveiwed and approved.  MN Department of Health COVID 19 Decision Tree will be followed if staff, players, or community members infected by COVID 19 have been in contact.
  • Concessions at the arena will not be available--a decision based on the complexity of abiding by COVID 19 health rules. Clubs benefitting financially from concession sales will have to adapt from the loss.


  • Ice Hockey and Figure Skating will conduct online registration and begin on October 12. 


  • Renewed annual pledge of $10,000 to Mount Itasca after hearing in-person reports by Mount Itasca board members [President Robert Conzemius].
  • Approved ISD #316 lease agreement for arena usage; same as in previous year.
  • Certified 2021 levy (first payment July '21) at $330,600; the $25,000 increase reflects the goal to save for a roof replacement.

AUGUST 17, 2020


  • FLAG FOOTBALL season has been postponed to springtime; April/May.
  • ICE will go in as usual.  Fall and winter hockey and figure skatings will continue under strict COVID-19 protocols.  Plans, scheduling and decision making will be flexible and ongoing.


  • FISCAL YEAR ENDED July 31 favorably considering challenges brought on by the pandemic.  Expenses were kept in check by ~
  • Increased in-house labor and minimizing part-time help,
  • Adjusted electric and propane budgeted charges,
  • Reduced ball programs' teams, coaches, and new equipment.
  • FISCAL NEW YEAR began August 1. The tentative budget was set at $454,700 and no increase in the 2021 levy was anticipated.
  • Administration:

Election of officers was held and George Delich is the new president and Casey Venema the vice president.  The secretary and treasurer postions were reaffirmed.

TASK AT HAND is establishing COVID-19 safety protocols so fall/winter programming can proceed.  Training and cooperation will be requi


August: Newly painted arena; north and south sides.











August: Newly painted arena



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Taxing Authority

2020 Levy = $305,600
2021 Levy = $330,600
2019 - 2020 budget = $460,700
2020 - 2021 budget = 454,700


See Area Boundaries HERE


GJRA Documents

Who is Pat Guyer?


Read Pat's interview by the Grand Rapids Herald~Review when he was inducted into the Minnesota Hockey Coaches Association Hall of Fame.



Pat lives in Trout Lake Township and has worked for Greenway Joint Recreation Association since 1990.