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Next Board Meeting

March 18th at 7 pm


We are Greenway Joint Recreation Association:
eleven government entities within the Greenway School District (ISD 316) working together to provide quality youth sports and sports facilities. GJRA has levying authority to fund both goals. 


The government entities are Bovey, Calumet, Coleraine, Grand Rapids, Greenway, LaPrairie, Lawrence, Marble, Nashwauk (twp), Taconite, and Trout Lake. 


The association board meets every third Monday, 7 pm, at Hodgins-Berardo Rec Center.
We are the “Home of the Raiders” and rent the arena to ISD #316 for high school sports programs.
We offer youth sports: summer ball programs, basketball, football, hockey, and ice figure skating.
We advise and support organizations committed to youth sports, such as ~
Emerald Ice Figure Skating Club
Greenway Amateur Hockey Association
Greenway Fastpitch Boosters
Grand Rapids/Greenway Robotic Team
Itasca Ski and Outing Club
Itasca Synchronized Swimming Club
We own and manage Greenway Sports Complex in Bovey; it includes the CW3 Phil Windorski Field, and the Jen Guyer Field.
We own and manage Hodgins-Berardo Rec Center. 
We provide a fitness center at the Rec Center for public usage by those ages 14 and up.
We employ a full-time director and an assistant, and have an office at the Hodgins-Berardo Rec Center open weekdays from 8 am to 4:30 pm.
We prioritize what is best for the kids.





GJRA Board Members

2023-2024 Officers


President:  Brian Ekholm ~ Nashwauk Twp.

Vice President:  Don Hanson ~ Taconite

Secretary:  Barb Gibeau ~ LaPrairie

Contact the secretary:


Treasurer: Dwight Kessler ~ Trout Lake Twp.

Other Board Members


Bob Lawson ~ Bovey

Dan Strand ~ Calumet

George Delich ~ Coleraine

Tom Sutherland ~ Grand Rapids

Todd Akkanen ~ Greenway Twp.

Casey Venema ~ Lawrence Twp.

Ryan Bluntach ~ Marble






Director ~ Pat Guyer

Assistant ~ Rock Troumbly

Assistant (part-time) ~ Andy Sertich



GJRA Business




Board Decisions:

  • Grand Rapids/Greenway Robotic Team was donated $500.
  • An accounting agreement with Glorvigen | Tierney | & Co was signed.


Arena Projects in Process:

  • Security cameras for the hallway, concession stand, and lobby have been purchased and ready to be installed.
  • Flood lights (2) for the parking lot, in conjunction with MN Power, are being installed on the nearest pole. 



  • Basketball was an extraordinary year for showing improvements, the coaches reported.
  • Hockey tournaments, the Peewee A District (past), Mini-Mites (Feb 24-25), and PeeWee B (March 1, 2, 3) are on schedule;  none of the teams though have advanced to the top level.
  • Ice Figure Skaters Spring Show is March 16 and 17.
  • Ice goes out after the figure skating show, and baseball nets for school baseball/fastpitch players' go up.
  • Little Titan teams are being adjusted to ensure a smoother transition between skill levels; stay tuned for more on that discussion.



HOLIDAYS ~ December 2023 to January 2024


Interim President: 

  • Clarissa  McIlwain Nelson resigned in January, citing lack of time.
  • Brian Eckholm was assigned Interim President.


Arena Updates:

  • Changed signage: the sign over the entrance doors, and freestanding signage at parking lot entrance,  was changed from 'arena' to 'recreation center'.  The name change was recommended to broaden eligibility for grants.
  • Installed the Gibeau Honor Sign by the office door,  with complementary lighting; project completed.
  • Acquired new dasherboard sponsorships: Dondelinger Ford will replace Scenic North Properties, and City of LaPrairie will replace Edgewood Care, Inc.


Arena Projects in Process:

  • IRRRB grants are on track for the next award date.
  • Security cameras for the hallway, concession stand, and lobby are being explored.
  • Improved lighting for the parking lot, in conjunction with MN Power, might be feasible.



  • Basketball practice for grades 1-2 begins mid January. Players consist of 20 boys and 10 girls. Games start in February.
  • Hockey tournaments have been competitive and well attended.
  • Ice Figure Skaters passed their skill tests on December 30; more sessions are scheduled for Juniors and Seniors on February 24, at 8 am.





Quick Business Meeting: 

  • Upgraded the second compressor; now both are up to speed.
  • Contributed the budgeted amount to Mount Itasca, i.e. $10,000.
  • Re-configured the location and lighting for the Honor Board of Past & Present Greenway Hockey Division I Scholars.


Website Updates:

  • Revised basketball registration announcement.
  • Improved dasherboard sponsors' photos. ARENA SPONSORS






  • Ice is in for hockey and figure skating.
  • Hockey has 125 players.
  • Basketball players number 10 girls in 3-4th grades; 11 boys in 3-4th grades; 11 girls in 5-6th grades; 11 boys in 5-6th grades.


  • Upgraded office laptop.
  • New tires for utility truck.


Work in  Process

The projects noted the previous month, i.e. lighting for the  honor board of past and present Greenway Hockey Division I scholars, and the sign over the entrance doors to the arena, are in process. 





Welcome Andy Sertich: 

Andy has been hired for the part time position as advertised. He started work immediately with the Flag Football program. About Andy (wikipedia)


Fall Activities

  • Flag Football began September 11 and had a competitive season; the Eagles won the championship.
  • Figure Skating and Hockey registration have been completed; based on numbers, there will just be one Bantam A Team.

  • Boys and girls basketball registration for grade 3 through grade 6 was scheduled for October 4; registration for grade 1 and grade 2 will be November 28. Nick Porter continues to be the basketball contact.

  • A VFW dedication to honor Vietnam War veterans--held on  September 23 in the arena--was an exceptional event to remember; the arena as the venue was a success.


Work in  Process

The projects noted the previous month, i.e. lighting for the  honor board of past and present Greenway Hockey Division I scholars, and the sign over the entrance doors to the arena, are in process. 



AUGUST 2023 - First meeting of new year.


Finances The main reason for increases is an additional 'high usage' fee for electricity.

  • The budget was adopted; the anticipated revenues and expenditures amount is $532,700.
  • The levy requested will be $360,500.
  • All user fees (except the fitness room) will be increased by $10.
  • The lease with IDS 316 was increased by $5000.


Other Board Business

  • IRRRB approved the $85,000 grant application (requires matching funds) for replacement of the roof's flat portion that extends over the lobby and back area. The work will begin next spring.
  • Lighting for the  honor board of past and present Greenway Hockey Division I scholars displayed at the arena will be installed--thanks to a donation by the Gibeau family.
  • Discussion about hiring a part-time worker will again be on the agenda next month, and the hiree announced.
  • The sign over the entrance doors to the arena remains in process this fall designating the building as a recreation center; working with Eck Designs.


Fall Activities

  • Flag Football will begin Monday, September 11.
  • Figure Skating registration at the arena will be on September 20, Wednesday from 4-6 pm. Registration may also be accomplished online via Greenway Emerald Ice Figure Skating Club

  • A VFW dedication to honor Vietnam War veterans will be held at the arena on September 23.

  • Hockey registration is completely online via Greenway Amatuer Hockey Association



JULY 2023


Summer Activities

  • The ball programs, hockey camps,  figure skating lessons, Camp Hiawatha usage, and a Grand Rapids-Greenway Lightning tournament, were all run successfully via Greenway Rec's sports complex and arena.

  • The City of Bovey has installed a playground adjacent to the sports complex with a trail leading from the parking lot.  The playground has complemented the ball programs by providing activities for young siblings of players during ball practices and games.

GJRA Fiscal Year Ends

  • GJRA's fiscal year begins August 1st. The upcoming board meeting will include elections, adoption of the budget, and renewing the leases with ISD #316 for usage of GJRA facilities.
  • The cost of electricity has escalated beyond the budgeted amount; this concerning issue is an agenda item for the next board meeting.

  • Another agenda item will be discussion on hiring a part-time worker as the position remains open.

  • AEOA continues to  assist with grantwriting to IRRRB for the roof replacement.

Fall Activities

  • Flag Football will begin Monday, September 11.
  • A VFW dedication to honor Vietnam War veterans will be held at the arena on September 23; stay tuned for details.



Taxing Authority

2023 Levy = $350,000

2024 Levy = $360,500


2022 - 2023 budget = $482,800

2023 - 2024 budget = $532,700



See Area Boundaries HERE


GJRA Documents

Who is Pat Guyer?


Read Pat's interview by the Grand Rapids Herald~Review when he was inducted into the Minnesota Hockey Coaches Association Hall of Fame.



Pat lives in Trout Lake Township and has worked for Greenway Joint Recreation Association since 1990.