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Greenway Sports Complex


Driving Directions


Greenway Sports Complex is located at:

700 1st Street, Bovey, MN 55709.

Follow Hwy.169 and turn off north to Bovey (directional signs are clear);

Follow 2nd Ave to 2nd Street (E-W), the main thoroughfare.

Turn north at the Sports Complex sign at 7th Ave.


The Complex Has Three Fields.


Jen Guyer Field and CW3 Phil Windorski Field are used for fastpitch, squirts tournaments, and "little" leagues. 

The third field, and largest, is used by junior boys ages 13-14 and middle school boys baseball.

A Concession building and restrooms is centered between the fields. 

A batting cage, and storage/pumphouse for the irrrigation system is located north of the concession building.


Sports Complex Memorials