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Flag Football



Flag Football is for players 4th through 6th grade.


It is a Monday through Thursday program for 6 weeks.


Practice is from 3:30-4:30  pm.


Teams will practice twice a week (at the arena) and play two games each week (at football field).


Each player is assigned a team with a coach and has designed plays to learn. 


Teams consist of 9-10 players and play 7 on 7 games on a shortened field. 


Please bring athletic shoes, sweat pants, and a sweatshirt.


Cost of the program is $30.00.



Flag Football Rules


1.  Games are composed of two 20 minute running time halves. 


2.  A 5 minute rest time at the half is used.


3.  Games will be played under high school rules unless otherwise specified.


4.  Each team is allowed 2 timeouts per half, each one lasting 1 minute.


5.  There will be no overtime to break ties.


6.  Any player can call a timeout.


7.  Each team has one head coach who is responsible for his team and assistant coaches.


8.  Any player ejected from a game will be out the remainder of that game and will be subject to review of the board.


9.  Any willful infraction or violation of the playing rules results in game forfeiture and/or coach suspension as determined by the board of directors.


10.  Blocking is not permitted.  You may shadow or shield a block but not initiate contact.


11.   A turnover will give team a new set of downs at the 40 yard line.


12.  Ball is in play at 40 yard line.  Must reach the 20 yard line in three plays to get first down.  Must score in three plays after first down or turned over on downs.


13.  Only those offensive and defensive plays issued to the coach may be used.  Coaches may create up to three more plays on their own.


14.  All defensive players must start five yards off the line of scrimmage


15.  No player may advance the ball two times consecutively.  A five yard penalty will result if this rule is violated.


16.  All players must play at least half of the game.


17.  Coaches must teach respect and discipline.


18.  Practices should be enjoyable for the players.  They should also realize that hard work is essential for them to improve their skills